eLAND installs on a VPS with Dokku.

See the Dokku installation guide.

  • Install Dokku on a VPS with a fresh Ubuntu 16.04,

  • Domains: don't set a global domain, but set a domain for the app with a wildchart

(all dokku commands are on the server)

dokku domains:set app-name *
  • Create app, install postgres and redis plugins and bind them to the app (see Dokku guide).

  • install the nl language pack if not present (for translating dates)

sudo apt-get install language-pack-nl
  • Configure nginx to allow bigger uploads (for documents)
    sudo su - dokku
    mkdir /home/dokku/appname/nginx.conf.d/
    echo 'client_max_body_size 10M;' > /home/dokku/appname/nginx.conf.d/upload.conf
    sudo service nginx reload


A CNAME record with wildcard should point to the Dokku app url.

Match subdomains and database schemas (groups)

Set a config var for each subdomain to the name of the schema in the database

dokku config:set appname SCHEMA_FLUPKE___AND___SABRINA=flupkesabrina

Above example couples domain to database schema flupkesabrina.

The environment variable SCHEMA_domain: couples a subdomain to a schema

  • Dots in subdomain are replaced by double underscore __
  • Hyphens in domain are replaced by triple underscore _
  • all characters should be uppercase in the environment variable.

Set the overall domain with:

dokku config:set appname


Create a IAM user on AWS with access only to S3. Then create 2 buckets in your region for images and documents See file include/default.php for which libraries are to be uploaded. The buckets should have the same name as the url.

dokku config:set
dokku config:set AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=aaa AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=bbb

Create CNAME records to these buckets CNAME record for

See the AWS S3 docs

You need to set up CORS configuration on bucket S3_RES for the fonts of footable 2.0.3 to load.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<CORSConfiguration xmlns="">


SMTP mailserver (e.i. Amazon Simple Email Service)


From mail addresses

  • MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS: a mail address when a reply-to address has been set.
  • MAIL_NOREPLY_ADDRESS: a notification mail you can not reply to
  • MAIL_HOSTER_ADDRESS: used for the request-hosting form.
  • MAIL_NOTIFY_ADDRESS: mail system notifications.

Mail is sent only from MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS and MAIL_NOREPLY_ADDRESS. These addresses should be set up for DKIM in the mailserver.

Request hosting form

The Domain of a request-hosting form can be set with:

  • HOSTING_FORM_domain=1



domain of the hosting form and redirects is formatted the same way as the schema subdomains.

  • Dots are replaced by double underscore __
  • Hyphens are replaced by triple underscore _
  • all characters should be uppercase in the environment variable.

Other environment vars

  • TIMEZONE: defaults to 'Europe/Brussels'
  • MASTER_PASSWORD: sha512 encoded password for 'master' -> gives admin access to all letsgroups.


See []


See []

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